Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of the quotation means that the client has read and understood the terms and conditions attached. Questions arising from the quote must be clarified before the quote is accepted.
  2. All contract work must be confirmed by writing either by email or by post.
  3. No liability can be accepted for alterations to work detailed in the quotation unless agreed in writing.
  4. Additional works not specified in the quotation and instructed by the client would be subject to additional charges. These charges would include labour and materials used.
  5. Delays caused to the completion of works by other contractors may result in additional charges being levied.
  6. It is the responsibility of the client to allow adequate access to the site.
  7. We ask that neighbours are informed of any works that may have an effect on their property in advance of work commencing.
  8. A deposit may be required. For landscaping work regular staged payments may be specified, a payment schedule will be provided before work starts.
  9. Regular maintenance work would be billed after every 4 visits or monthly. Full payment is due for quoted work and landscaping work within 7 days of invoice. Balances remaining after this period are charged with interest at 2.5% above base rate calculated monthly. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer.
  10. Garden maintenance visits must be cancelled no later than 48 hours beforehand or a £30 non-attendance fee will be charged for each appointment cancelled without notice.
  11. Works progress is subject to prompt payments (where agreed before commencement) late or incorrect payments will result in cessation of work and would cause possible delays to schedules.
  12. Kirkland Estate Services Ltd cannot carry out substantial or partial structural works to buildings in any form (except temporary garden structures).
  13. This quotation is valid for 2 months only.
  14. Domestic refuse disposal is not included in the above price.
  15. Unexpected costs arising from illegal activities (such as fly tipping) or vandalism are not included in the above price.
  16. All materials remain the property of Kirkland Estate Services Ltd until paid for in full. Kirkland Estate Services Ltd will have free access to the site to remove such materials.
  17. It is the clients responsibility to look after plants and lawn turf supplied once installed. Losses due to lack of care or watering will not be replaced free of charge and must be paid for in full.
  18.  Kirkland Estate Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for late or delayed services and supplies from subcontractors or suppliers.
  19. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory bylaws/conditions/permissions that may apply to the site. The client shall indemnify Kirkland Estate Services Ltd against any claims/proceedings/loss or expense resulting from you/the client failing to gain permission/give notice/pay fees required in whole or in part. Kirkland Estate Services Ltd will arrange permissions, where appropriate and where agreed in advance on behalf of the client.
  20. We accept no responsibility for works that have been carried out on land that is not under the ownership of the client and it is assumed that all planning laws or regulations have been applied before commencement of any works.
  21. We are not able to accept responsibility for damage to statutory services (such as gas/ water/ electricity supplies) if notification of their locations are not given prior to work commencing.
  22.  We are not able to accept responsibility for the well-being and maintenance of living plant material, including turf, following practical substantial completion unless a maintenance contract is in existence.
  23. Upon practical substantial completion the responsibility for the care and watering of all plants, lawns, etc., is handed over to the client and will require regular attention until established.
  24. Kirkland Estate Services Ltd hereby excludes liability to the client for any loss, cost or damage of any kind arising out of or as a consequence of its failure to perform or complete the works by reason of matters beyond Kirkland Estate Services Ltd control and for which it could not have reasonably foreseen at the time and date of the quotation.
  25. After practical substantial completion, we are not able to accept responsibility for any damage from the elements, including drought, winds, rain and frost to any material(s) including plants.
  26. Any complaints or concerns should be raised with Kirkland Estate Services Ltd within 7 days of practical completion.